Kelly Parks Snider

“Artists can illuminate the moral issues of our time awakening a deeper, more distinct understanding of social injustices, challenging many of society’s deepest assumptions.”

Kelly Parks Snider is a visual artist who explores contemporary social, political and cultural issues through the arts. Her work is displayed in both public and private galleries.

Hidden in Plain Sight: An Exhibition of Art and Activism

Certain issues are fundamental to the human condition. They influence how we live, and in some cases if we live. They are highly complex and charge dealing with all aspects of justice and inequality.

Kelly’s newest exhibit matches selections of her original artwork with commentary from a distinguished group of writers and scholars. The project examines eleven compelling social justice issues through art in a range of media from paper to steel.

The exhibition, which includes an artist talk and panel discussion explores networks and norms of trust, fairness and reciprocity among citizens across racial, political and cultural lines.




Kelly Parks Snider

Kelly Parks Snider

Kelly Parks Snider is a friend of mine. She brought me into this project at the beginning, and I’ve been amazed to watch how she has imagined it, prepared it, and unwrapped it.
— Matt Rothchild, Senior editor of the Progressive