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All School Artist -in -Residency – Commercial Land

Kennedy Elementary School
3901 Randolph Rd.
Janesville, WI  53545 

Kelly Parks Snider will assist young people  (pre-K through fifth grade) in recognizing and resisting media messages that sell an unattainable ideal.  Young people will learn to critically examine and de construct their contemporary media based culture. As participants heighten their awareness and become proficient at naming pervasive marketing themes the harmful effects of contemporary media messages come sharply into focus. Engaging art experiences offers participants the opportunity for integrated learning, critical reflection, and creative expression. 

Workshops provide a bridge between school and community empowering young people to gain greater control and influence over their lives, supporting their development into confident, fulfilled and productive leaders.  Children will create commercially free, absolutely educational and cool artwork with these activities: All artwork will be part of an all school Art Exhibition.